BTA Professional Alliance is a membership that offers an affordable advertising solution by providing accounting professionals with directory listings and community so you can amplify your business’s visibility and get new leads and clients.

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Invested time and effort into a sophisticated website, only to see it go unnoticed by your target audience?

Wished for a simpler way to market your accounting services without feeling overwhelmed?

Poured funds into online ads, only to see minimal leads that didn’t justify the cost?

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We’ve been in your shoes! As owners of our own accounting practice, we’ve grappled with identical challenges. That’s when we found out that leveraging online accounting directories can boost your reach and visibility without draining your valuable resources.

Here’s what you get:

An annual membership that gets your business seen on Google by providing you with a listing on

  • SEO-optimized listing
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  • List your qualifications
  • Showcase your professional badges
  • Customize services
  • Select services open to new clients
  • Offer discounts to leads
  • Lead waitlists
  • Lead tracking
  • Year-long commitment helps your findability
  • Resources to educate visitors about the accounting world

As we grow our membership, we will be adding…

How are we different?

We offer an affordable advertising solution that’s straightforward to use. We are a family owned and operated business with over 35 years of accounting experience. We are real people who will answer your emails and calls with friendliness and professionalism, unlike other business directories.

Our longtime Members have seen many quality leads who have converted into long term clients and friends!

Thank you for providing an excellent exposure in the web. I think you are better than expensive marketing efforts of internet providers.

Eva B.
Your service has once again paid for itself. I send ALL my colleagues (who want more clients) to you folks.

Catherine W.
I’ve been listed with for many, many years and it is pretty much the only money I spend on marketing and is by far the most cost effective.

Michelle T.